About Us

At Melodic Majors, we are a group of teachers dedicated to teaching music in our local neighbourhood on the North Shore.

Our teaching team consists of accredited professionals, educating students at various schools around the Sydney North Shore.

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Music has always been a passion for each one of us, and we sincerely believe the art of musical education can empower and positively influence the life of each student who aim to pursue an instrument. But we are always looking to meet and teach more students to meet outside the classroom! If you want to learn music, our aim is to give you the best learning environment possible and help you embrace your musical talents. Our ultimate business goal is to provide a platform for each student to embrace his or her own interests and pursue their own style of music, so it becomes a personal skill they can hold on to for the years to come.

Our experience at teaching on an one-on-one level has given us insight to not only understanding that every student is unique, but how to approach these individuals to get the best results. There are a lot of good musicians out there, but sometimes it’s not easy finding the right teacher to match the student’s learning capacity. That’s why Melodic Majors is all about delivering quality music lessons, where our teachers are capable of communicating with students of all levels to reach their personal goals and get the most out of music lessons.

What Makes Us Different From Other Music Schools

We are music teachers that offer private lessons for students wanting instrument tuition. The teachers work from their own studios, or travel out to areas in the local area for those wanting lessons from their own home. Our system is fuss free, and designed so that students get what they need out of music lessons- education and enjoyment.


Qualified and professional local teachers.

Melodic Majors is based in the North Shore of Sydney. Our music teachers provide tailored one-on-one lessons for each student, so the lessons effectively contribute towards what you want to achieve in your musical development. Our aim is to become a leader in music tuition through our professional approach in creating an enriching educational experience for all students who come through our doors. Providing education and joy through music has been a lifelong journey for us, and we welcome our students who are willing to learn and create music with us.

Read more about our teachers in the local area, and see how our service stand out above other people offering music tuition. We boast affordable prices, smooth lesson progressions, and easy communication whenever you have questions or updates about how everything is going. Contact us anytime over the phone, or send us an online message and we’ll get back to you straight away!