Q. How do I choose the right music teacher?

There is a lot involved when it comes to searching for a music teacher. When you decide you or your child is going to pursue instrument tuition, you want to make sure the teacher is qualified through an official framework, with a valid Working With Children’s License as a minimum requirement. You also want someone who is going to work closely with the student, because a caring personality will definitely impact the progress and desire of your goals. This is closely tied with the fact that not all musicians are great teachers; teaching and musical ability are two separate skill-sets. A great start with an excellent teacher will allow students of any age to make swift progress.

Q. Can music lessons really help the development of my child?

There have been many studies over the years providing case studies on the beneficial aspects which music lessons can provide. Basic coordination and rhythm can be improved no matter what age you are at. An article from the Sydney Morning Herald confirmed that music lessons can be a brain booster for children, where there was an evident link between higher IQ points and consistent music lessons.

Q. How old should my child be before commencing music lessons?

A. Although this question may depend on which instrument you are thinking of pursuing, many sources indicate that children should be at least 5 years of age before taking up music lessons. There are a variety of factors involved in backing up this figure, including level of engagement and physical size suitable for instruments.  However, there are studies which report that the ages between 6-8 years of age are a sensitive period, where musical training can product beneficial changes in motor abilities and brain structure.

Q. Can you help me pick out an instrument?

A. If you need assistance buying or loaning an instrument of your choice, our team at Melodic Majors can always lend a helping hand in pointing you in the right way. We have many local referrals that can assist you in this process.

Q. How often do students need to practice?

A. Melodic Majors provides lessons that are always tailored for the student’s needs- which means this question depends on what level of ability you want to be at! For high school students who are implementing their instrument skills at a music class level, we suggest practice at least three times a week. However, for beginners taking up a new instrument, please remember, don’t overburden yourself on practice as this can hinder your learning!

Q. Where do you provide lessons in the North Shore?

A. Our teachers can travel to local homes to provide music lessons. That means if you want music lessons in the comfort of your home, we can do that for you no problem! Alternatively, on certain days in the week, our teachers will hold lessons at their private studios. Lessons can always be arranged so it best suits your needs.


Our team is here ready to help you with any other questions that you may have. Simply give us a call at your convenience on 0423 236 488, or go to our contact form and send us a message, and we’ll be in touch with you within one day!