Piano Lessons Lane Cove

Private Music Tuition at Our Teacher Studios

Melodic Majors was formed with the idea of connecting students with qualified and experienced music teachers. Our piano teachers work with students of all ages, although we are particularly proficient when it comes to working with young beginners. Melodic Majors provides an effective environment for giving the best piano lessons Lane Cove has to offer. Learning the piano with a teacher from Melodic Majors means learning from a teacher who is:

  • A fully qualified music professional (AMEB level)
  • Experienced in teaching at both a one-on-one and classroom level
  • Has a valid NSW Working with Children Certificate

Our Teachers Can Travel to Offer In-Home Lessons


Piano Lessons in Lane Cove with Accredited Teachers 

If you are looking for piano lessons in Lane Cove, call us and arrange a trial to see if we can meet your expectations. Our studios are within 5-10 minutes from the shops, and easily accessible both by foot and car.

You Can Learn Music at Any Level

No matter what your age or skill level is, don’t be afraid to give Melodic Majors a try and help realise your talent at playing the piano. It does not matter whether you are just starting out and need our help to find the instrument of your choice, or if you are an advanced student. We can help you. Our skills and expertise are things that will surely benefit you.

Why Choose Melodic Majors?

Our team consists of a group of music teachers, who are simply passionate about their art. We are all music teachers who have experience working in local schools, so you know that we are fully accredited and experienced to offer our services. If you have always wanted a piano teacher in Lane Cove who can show you the ropes and bring out the potential that is hidden within you, you are at the right place.

Here’s why choosing us is a great idea:

  • We are already working as professionals giving piano lessons in Lane Cove, so you know that you are not hiring an amateur.
  • Dedicated team of piano teachers in Lane Cove and if you find it difficult to commute to our studio, we can always come down to your home for special one-on-one sessions.
  • Our professionals are fully accredited and are all members of the Professional Music Teachers of Australia.
  • We are always trying to make our sessions with students fun and enjoyable, so that they don’t ever get bored.
  • Full competence in teaching students of all ages and talents.
  • Our teachers also offer lessons in music theory and singing to complement piano lessons.

Let us help you hone your skillslearn piano lessons lane cove with melodic majors

By promoting the educational and enjoyable aspects of learning music, we want to you to experience a new world
through music. Our passion shows in what we do. It is our endeavour to make you as comfortable as possible so that you learn better. We also aim not only to teach, but to make the piano lessons in Lane Cove enjoyable as well. Here’s why choosing us is a great idea.

Melodic Majors Began in Lane Cove

The concept for Melodic Majors first began with our founding teacher, who was a local resident in Lane Cove. Although there are many good musicians in Sydney, it was often hard to learn with someone who had equally good skills in the art of teaching. Building on from this idea, we now have a diverse team of teachers and resources, offering students the best quality piano lessons Lane Cove has ever seen!

Melodic Majors aims to provide teachers who are wonderful musicians, and even better teachers. Education is a key concept in our piano lessons, and whether you’re learning just for fun, or want to progress at a more tangible level, our experience and culture allows students to learn through a tailored structure to get the best out of their potential.

Get In Touch With Us for Piano Lessons Lane Cove!

If you need piano lessons in Lane Cove, call us at Melodic Majors! Our phone number is 0423 236 488, or you can email us at info@melodicmajors.com.au to get in touch with us. Meet your local teacher to see if they are the right fit for your needs and arrange a trial lesson at your convenience.