Guitar Lessons in Chatswood

Most people love to listen to their favourite tracks day in and day out. It is the sort of pleasure that is not describable easily. However, if you want to take your love for music further, then why not sign up for our guitar lessons in Chatswood? At Melodic Majors, get a fully accredited guitar teacher in Chatswood to give you one-on-one lessons at a place that is convenient for you, whether it is at your home or at our studio.  Whom you get music tuition from is important, and with us being members of the Professional Music Teachers in Australia, you have nothing to worry about. So settle down, and enjoy music like you have never before!

To teach music is our passion

We are a group of local music teachers and we offer our services to several schools in the area. We are proficient at handling students of a variety of skill levels and ages. No matter whether you are an advanced student or just starting out, our enthusiasm for the art will be something you enjoy. Call us, and let us find a guitar teacher in Chatswood who can give you the lessons you need. We understand the value of our students’ time and that is why we offer sessions at times that are convenient for them.

Service offerings

Our dedicate group of professionals not only offer guitar lessons in Chatswood, but also lessons in many different musical instruments like violin, drums, flute and the piano. If you need lessons in music theory or singing, we can do that too. Depending on your schedule and convenience, our professionals are able to come to your house to give lessons, or you can come by our studio at a pre-determined time for your session.

Choosing us is the smart thing to do: We give you reasons

At our business, we don’t believe music to be just a skill to be learnt. It is about passion. We love it in all forms. And we endeavour to help our students find enjoyment out of it. Here are the reasons why choosing us is a wonderful thing to do.

  • All our professionals have the formal qualifications required to work in this sector as well as valid licenses for Working With Children’s Check NSW.
  • They are well-respected members of the profession.
  • They take utmost care of students and their sessions are never boring and always fun.
  • If tailored sessions are what you are looking for, we are the right professionals to hit up. We offer fully customised session plans to suit the individual needs of our students.
  • For your convenience, our professionals can come by your place to give you your sessions.
  • They are fully accredited.

If guitar lessons in Chatswood are what you are looking for, then we are the right professionals. Contact us at the Melodic Majors on our phone number 0423 236 488 today or shoot us an email at