Guitar Lessons in Lane Cove

Being under the tutelage of a wonderfully gifted music teacher will open a world of passion for you. If you have always enjoyed music in all its forms and had a desire to learn an instrument when you got the chance, why not call us at the Melodic Majors? We offer excellent guitar lessons in Lane Cove and other areas and we are sure that you will find us to be really enthusiastic professionals. When choosing a tuition, it is in your best interests to find someone who is not only capable and a good musician himself, but also that he is a good teacher. Our teachers all work locally in schools and are members of the Professional Music Teachers in Australia. With us, you get to have the best instruction with the guitar.

It’s all about giving your heart to music

That’s right. You must already be aware of the positive effect music can have on a person’s day, no matter how tired or stressed he is. So it is certainly a wonderful idea if you have decided to take your love for the art form further and get guitar lessons in Lane Cove! One of our specialist teachers can come to your home at a specific time to suit your convenience and give you the session you need, no matter how advanced a skill-set you have. He can even help you find an instrument to suit you. Every step of the way, we are the right professionals to guide you so that you can reach your full potential.

Our services

Apart from proving guitar lessons in Lane Cove, our professionals also offer one-on-one lessons in other musical instruments too. The violin, piano, flute and drums are some of the instruments they teach. With experience on their side and armed with formal qualifications, you can be assured that you are choosing someone who is capable of providing the services you need.

What makes us the best music tuition to choose?

  • Our professionals not only offer private sessions, but they also give guitar lessons in Lane Cove in many local schools.
  • They are fully accredited and hold formal qualifications that certify them to work in this sector.
  • They are flexible and can come to students’ places to offer them the guitar lessons they need. Alternatively, students too can come by to our studio.
  • Each session is customised so that it closely meets the student’s skill level, needs and desires.
  • Our business is a member of the Professional Music Teachers in Australia.

Music is truly a passion with us. We love it and do our best to make sure that in every session, our students get to learn the joys of this wonderful art form. If guitar lessons in Lane Cove are something you need, why not get in touch with us? Call us at the Melodic Majors on our phone 0423 236 488 today or write to us using the contact form available at our website.