Finding The Right Music Teacher

If your child has decided they want to learn an instrument, it’s important to find the right music teacher. Above all else the tutor should have extensive experience and top notch credentials. A highly skilled teacher will be able to get the best out of your child, both inspiring and challenging them. Here are some tips to help you find the right music teacher.

Look for a Highly Skilled Music Teacher

Ask around family and friends for personal recommendations for music teachers. They will be able to provide an insight into what they like and don’t like about their child’s tutor. You can also find music teachers online, complete with recommendations on forums and social media. The Australian Music Teachers Register is a handy resource available on the web that enables you to find a local music teacher. Simply input which instrument your child would like to learn and your area and you will be provided with a list of teachers to consider. This allows you to read about their specialities, qualifications and experience. Look for exceptional qualifications and significant experience when finding a music teacher.

Go With Your Gut

Meet up with your chosen music teacher before you commit to lessons. It’s important that your child clicks with the teacher. Great teachers are fun and inspiring yet informative. Find the right fit for your child as teachering styles differ. Some encourage a love of music and are more about having fun with the lesson. Other tutors have a more competitive nature and will put your child on the path to be a concert entrant. Figure out what you want for your child and what your child hopes to achieve. It’s important to have a great feel for your child’s music tutor; however, their skill level is what sets them apart.


When scheduling music lessons you want them to fit in amongst existing commitments. Work out how far you are willing to travel to find the right music teacher. You may have found a fantastic teacher but they are a couple of hours drive away. It would be better to find someone local as it’s unsustainable to drive long distances for the sake of music lessons. A well trained and proficient music tutor will be in high demand and time slots for lessons may be limited. You might choose a less desirable time to get your foot in the door and ask to be waitlisted for a more suitable time. Decide whether you can compromise on other commitments to accommodate the music lesson. Getting an expert in the field to teach your child is vital so it may be worthwhile juggling your duties to fit in with the music tutor’s schedule.

Finding the right music teacher is imperative to getting the best musical education for your child. Qualifications and experience are the most important thing to look for in a music tutor and you can research the right one for your child. Go with your gut instinct when meeting the teacher and adjust your schedule to accommodate the right teacher.